Electric starter, brakes front / rear discs and a single panel design with the words "Hi Bro" are the interesting features of the new Yamaha V-Ixion.

Under the plan, the new Yamaha V-Ixion will be officially unveiled in Jakarta Car Show 2012 takes place from 31/10 to. However, before the opening of the exhibition, images and official information of the Yamaha V-Ixion screen was full disclosure.

Compared to the current version, the new Yamaha V-Ixion own style "muscle" and bolder naked bike. Design exudes masculinity of the new fuel tank, headlight / postmodern and exhaust.

In addition, Yamaha has added small windscreen for more sportiness and luxury for the new V-Ixion. Here are the wheels, tires size 90/80 R 17 front and 120/70 R 17 after.

However, Yamaha also offers exciting new features for the V-Ixion. Among them, the most interesting is the words "Hi Bro" on the clock to meter. When the startup disk, the text will appear as a greeter.

Enter the new version, Yamaha V-Ixion say goodbye to the pedal. However, the problem of food as a form of modern sport bikes.

Supply for Yamaha V-Ixion is still SOHC engine block, a capacity of 150 cc, direct injection essence. However, according to Yamaha, the engine has been modified to increase performance.

The engine is paired with disc brakes on both front wheels after. This is a significant improvement of the new Yamaha V-Ixion.

It is expected that the price of a new Yamaha V-Ixion will not change in the presence of the Indonesian market in the future.